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We are a small, vinyl selling, equipment repairing, and locally owned shop


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Paul’s Boutique Records opened in ####. The owners, Paul and Alex, purchased the store and most of its' inventory after the previous owner passed. Paul has always wanted to (__________). And Alex has always wanted to (____________).
So, these friends of ##  years teamed up.

Though we mainly buy and sell vinyls, we offer many other items. Such as - CDs, DvDs, cassette tapes, comic books, baseball cards, Halloween decorations, you name it! If Paul likes it, he figures someone else will too. He buys the products and puts them in the physical store while also listing the objects online to help people find that one record, that one Dungeons & Dragons book, that one turntable they’ve spent so long looking for.

If you would like to know more about Paul, Alex, and the rest of the employees, click these words.