The People Who Work Here

The Owners

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Paul remembers his first musical purchase - a Barry Manilow cassette. By 1990 his personal collection of LPs and CDs equaled 1,500. Now, his personal collection is 30,000. 

The dream of owning a record store was born from visiting hometown Siren Records in Doylestown, PA and Orpheus Records in Washington, D.C. 

Favorite Music: Anything performed well

Least Favorite Music: Anything performed poorly



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The Employees

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Record Store Manager

Favorite Music: 50’s & 60’s

Least Favorite Music: Most newer music


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Auction Manager

Favorite Music: Phish, Band of Horses, Bob Marley, Taylor Swift, Grateful Dead

Least Favorite Music: Screamo


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Equipment Repair Guru

Favorite Music: Jimi Hendrix

Least Favorite Music: Rap


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eBay Specialist & World Traveler

Favorite Music: 

Least Favorite Music:


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Stones Aficionado

Favorite Music: The Rolling Stones

Least Favorite Music: New Country


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Idea Machine

Favorite Music: Alternative and Musicals

Least Favorite Music: Screamo