We Buy Stuff Too

What do we buy?

Vintage electronics, collectibles, vinyl (of course), and other items of value. We do not limit ourselves to music and music related items.

Paul will want to speak with you and evaluate the items. After looking the items over and possibly doing some research, he'll let you know how much we can offer. If you would prefer to work together on consignment or to trade for something in our current inventory, there is more info on that below.


Do I bring the items to you?

Whatever works best for you! Paul can arrange to meet you where your items are stored, you can ship them to us, or you may drop them off at the store. Our address is 630 Talcottville Rd, Vernon, CT 06066. To arrange a pickup or a package through the mail call or text Paul at (215) 431-6356.


What is a cash purchase? 

This means Paul buys the item directly from you.


What is consignment?

If you would prefer not to sell to us directly, consignment is an option. This means you provide us with the item and we then market it. Once the item is sold, both the store and the client receive money from the sale. 


What is the split rate when selling on consignment?

This depends on the platform we sell it on. 

Sold in store - 50/50 split

Auction Ninja - 60/40 split. Customer gets the 60%. There is a $1 fee per listing created

eBay - 50/50, minus eBay fees

Other platforms - 50/50, minus any platform fees


How long do items on consignment take to sell?

It varies depending on the platform and can take a couple weeks or longer. 


Can I get my consignment item(s) back?

If you want anything back, we'll be happy to return it - as long as they are not being actively bid on or have been sold.


How does trading work?

After evaluating the value of your items, Paul will let you know his offer in cash and in trade value. Trade value is usually higher.

For example - Paul evaluated records you brought in. He offers to buy them for $50. He also says you can trade for anything in our inventory for up to $70.